July Wedding’s

Friday, July 31st, 2009

July has been a great month. A crazy busy month, but a great month non-the-less. I have shot a ton of great weddings over the last few weeks as well as some fun other jobs as well and traveling a lot, etc so I’m a little behind on my wedding blogging, but here are a couple from the last couple weeks. Still have 4 more in the edit cue coming next week…I’ve already blogged my favorite image from Josh and Emily’s wedding at Postalwaits Farm in Canby, as well as used it on my recent article, so here are a few more. Josh’s brother Ty is the leader of the Ty Curtis band. He looked very familiar, and it was because his photo was huge in the Oregonian the week before as they rocked the Blues Festival. Needless to say, they were fantastic and the music all night was really great.

The next day I shot Tony and Nicole at the Aerie at Eagle Landing. About 3 minutes before the ceremony, it starting pouring rain and they moved everything to under a tent. What i would do for a nice rain this week!

Then, I went to the beach and shot Tommy and Michelle. what a great day at the beach, sunny and 70, great light it was awesome. And these guys could party! I’ve never seen a bridal party drink so much Coors Light while getting ready. Notice the sink. These guys could hammer home some beers. Made for a very fun reception for sure! Everyone was very laid back and the wedding was really great. The casino games were cool too. I also posted a slideshow from this wedding today over at My Portland Photographer. Check it out. As always you can click on an image to see a larger view.

New Timbers Photos

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

This morning I went over to PGE Park to shoot some portraits of a couple of guys for the next program cover and inside feature articles. I have shot portraits of players for these things for over 5 years now and generally I do some kind of dramatic sky, big lights, low angle, 16mm kind of photo that I like, but today I wanted to break out of that little box I so often find myself in. So, I went to the park with only an 85, a 70-200 and a reflector. Left all the lights, grids, boxes and wide angle lenses at the studio. I also did not want to shoot anywhere near the pitch. So instead, I shot one in the stadium seats and our cover boy outside of the stadium.

It’s amazing what one little reflector can do. It’s 107 in Portland today, so there was no shortage of sunshine to bounce light off of. Since these photos will be used in the team magazine, I made sure to leave room for the designers to add the mast head and type, etc on each photo.

I like how they turned out. It’s good to challenge yourself to shoot in other ways when you feel trapped in a creative box. Next time you go shoot, leave your favorite lens at home and limit yourself to one you don’t use very often and see what you come up with.

May 30 – June 6

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

I have been a bad blogger of late. I got totally slammed and blogging was not high on the priority list. My bad. I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again anytime soon! Here are the proofbook covers from a couple of great wedding’s May 30 and June 6. I’ve already partly blogged about both of these, but wanted to show you some more photos. Above, Sarah and Jeremy’s wedding was in a cool little church in the middle of nowhere near Salem. I am not sure how they even found it, but it was cool. Right next to a graveyard too, so of course we shot some stuff in there. Nothing says “happiest day of your life” quite like a cemetery right? Then after the reception we headed to a dive bar in Salem to sing karaoke. Good times.

Like I said, I have already blogged about it, but this church was very very cool. I will be doing another post about the setup for the portrait in front of the church here in a bit.

Sometimes you just randomly see a cool spot

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Sometimes you have a plan, in this case, shoot engagements at Mt. Tabor Park, but sometimes, you see a much cooler spot on the way to the planned spot. As we were driving up the hill to the parking lot of the park, I saw this awesome field. Flowers, trees, steep hill, etc and thought,that would make a cool photo. So after we shot at the planned location, we went back and then the rain started making the light perfect and I had them walk up and down the hill while I stood on the top of my truck for a better angle. I like it.