Cool Church Portrait – How to

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

I mentioned 3 times now how great this church in Mt. Angel was. I was very happy to see some nice dark clouds when I pulled in. I had this image in my head before the day even started. After the ceremony, before heading to the reception we spent 5 minutes making a cool image. Pretty simple setup, 3 Canon speedlights (2 550Ex’s and 1 580EX) hooked up to Pocketwizards. The main light is on half power and about 5 feet from them. The backlight is on full power and about 5-6 feet behind them and then a 3rd light was positioned low at about 1/4 power to fill in the shadows on the lower part of the frame. Just got lucky when the wind kicked up at the right time. Setup to complete, about 5 minutes. Here is the setup, intern Liz working the fill light: