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Our 13 Favorite Portraits of 2013

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Today’s 13 of 2013 installment is our favorite portraits from the year. We shoot a ton of corporate and editorial photos throughout the year for many different companies, newspapers and magazines large and small. Here are a few of our favorites.

The first is from an ad we shot back in January to promote HIV testing among Native Americans. Here is how the ads looked: Clip – LGBTQ Hiv/Std Testing

A couple of baseball portraits. One for Milwaukie High School and another for the Hillsboro Hops. The Hops are a new minor team here in Portland this year and they are one of our newest clients and great to work with.Milwaukie Baseball

This is my favorite image from a shoot we did in the spring in Red Rock Canyon, in Las Vegas Nevada

Here is another image we shot for a local distribution warehouse that will put the images of warehouse workers on the side of the delivery trucks that move products all across the country.

We shoot a lot of headshot and business portraits for Holiday Retirement in Lake Oswego. Here are a couple I really liked.

This might have been my favorite location to shoot at this year. For a story in Oregon Business Magazine about “The Sharing Economy” this is a Tool Library in SE Portland. Need a tool? go rent it for free!

The ice rink people forgot to meet us early one morning for this shoot, so we may have just went in and setup on the ice in the pitch black while no one was there to make this Hockeyshoot happen.

On the left is a head shot we shot for a local musician and on the right a portrait for Barron’s Magazine that we shot on the rooftop tennis court at the Multnomah Athletic Club.

A senior portrait of Natalie shot at the park near the studio in the fall.

the defending state champion West Linn Lions. Shot for the team poster.

I hope you enjoyed our favorite portraits of 2013!

Our 13 Favorite Wedding Photos of 2013

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Continuing on with the 13 of 2013, Today’s post is all about weddings. I love shooting weddings. There is so much to shoot all wrapped into one day. Its action, its emotion, its great light (and lots of bad light too), portraits, still life, weddings have it all. Last year we shot 38 couples tie the knot. This is the hardest category for me to narrow down every year. So many great moments and great events, but here are my favorites from 2013. If you missed it yesterday, be sure to check out our 13 favorite Timbers photos oif 2013 as well!

Starting off with a portrait of Kenny and Jill up at Timberline Lodge in August. I love Timberline. I spend so much time there snowboarding in the winter, its great to get up there and see it in the summer too. In 2013 I shot 5 weddings at the lodge. A few in the snow and a few in the heat. All were great, but this image just after sunset, above the clouds with Mt. Jefferson in the distance is my favorite. I’ve known these two since high school (they were together back then too!) and Jill is like a little sister to me, which makes the image that much better.

This image from Ryan and Jennifer’s wedding at Persimmon Country Club might be my favorite of the year. I just love it. This is right after they said I do and walked back up the aisle. They went around the corner while everyone was leaving and I used a long lens to capture the emotion in Ryan’s face and the joy in Jenn’s. It’s these little moments that I see and am able to capture at a wedding that makes me love them.

You may recognize this fantastic dancer from his day job as the sports anchor for KATU news in Portland. Craig and Kendra had a great event at Holocene. I never knew he had such great moves!

Sometimes, seeing your bride for the first time can bring a man to tears. That is just what happened to Leevan at St. Juan Diego Catholic Church as he saw Liz for the first time in her wedding dress.

You see a lot of noise about “unplugged” weddings and I’ve blogged about how I think you should have a plugged in wedding and this picture is a perfect example of why. The light from this photo is the flash of a person in the audience and it worked out perfectly and turned it into one of my favorites of the year.

You may be wondering why the couple in photo on the left look familiar. Well, you may have seen them on TV. Rider and Alex are actors and have appeared in tons of different shows. Rider played Shawn on “Boy Meets World.” They met on the set of “Pepper Dennis” and got married at Camp Namanu outside of Sandy, OR in the fall. It was a blast to shoot their event at the summer camp and the weather could not have been any better.
On the right, Julia and Miles say I do at The Elysian Ballroom. A great venue with an excellent decor.

Elizabeth and John share a moment in the good light at Holy Rosary Catholic Church. Another one of those little moments where the light and everything comes together to make a nice photo.

2013 seemed to be the year of the summer camp. I shot Annie and Bryan at Camp Kiwanilong on the Oregon coast. Another perfect setting and we took advantage of the forest and trails at the camp for some nice portraits.

I love this image because it is both parts “Keep Portland Weird” and “its a small world out there.” Evelyn and Michael wanted to make a few stops around downtown Portland before their ceremony. First up was Powell’s Books, where they ran into American singer and performer Amanda Palmer, who promptly serenaded them with a “Happy Wedding To You!” and all the people standing around joined in the song. The best part about this run in, was that not 20 minutes before this happened, they were talking about a TED talk that Amanda had given and how much they liked her…then BAM, we turn the corner and there she is. Pretty crazy. And cool. It was a fun scene.

I call this one “Reflecting on Marriage.” Get it? Ha! Ok lame joke but I do like the quiet moment here at The Nines.

Ellie and EJ had their reception at the Oregon Historical Society, but the ceremony was up on top of Mt. Tabor. So they rented busses to bring everyone from downtown to the park and back. Loved this little moment on the bus trip up of a relaxed bride just enjoying the day.

The fall is my favorite time of year. It is still warm, but not hot. Crisp, but not cold. And oh the colors. And the light. You cannot take a bad photo around here in the fall. This image from the The Foundry at Oswego Pointe is one of those great fall days.


Ok, so this is a photo of me, but I love it because of the people in it. In October I shot Stan and Christine’s wedding at the Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club in Palo Alto, CA. I have shot probably 5 or 6 weddings where Stan and Christine were either guests or in the wedding party and finally it was their turn and it was great to see the day finally come! I love this picture because not only does it have Stan and Christine, but it also has Yiaway and Ceclia on the right – I shot their wedding in 2011 – and Eugene and Annie on the left – I shot their wedding in 2012. This photo means a lot to me. It is always great when your clients recommend you to friends and I love seeing former couples!

Here’s to a great 2014!

Our 13 Favorite Timbers Photos of 2013

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

2013 was a fantastic year over here at Mitchelldyer Photography, Inc. Every year I say that, but this year was one of the best. We shot over 160,000 pictures for a huge variety of old and new clients. It is fun at the end of every year to look back and find our favorite images. These may or may not be our “best” from the year but they are favorites for one reason or another. Because we shoot such a huge variety of subjects, we are breaking down the “13 of 2013″ into 4 categories. Timbers photos, wedding photos, portrait photos and sports photos (non Timbers).

Enjoy this first installment…our 13 favorite Timbers photos of 2013.

Portraits are one of my favorite things to shoot, so I’ll start off with a portrait of midfielder Diego Valeri. Valeri burst onto the MLS scene this year, scoring in his first match and winning the leagues “Newcomer of the Year” award. We shot this photo during training camp for use on the game day program cover.

The second match of the year was a road match up in Seattle. I like this photo of Will Johnson trying to get back into the huddle after the coin flip. Little moments like this are what I am always on the lookout for.

Another image from the same match, head coach Caleb Porter holds up a Timbers Army scarf after the match, thanking the fans for traveling to the game to support the team. Nobody knew at the time that this Timbers season was going to be one to remember, well, except Caleb. He knew.

In what was perhaps the coolest event I have ever been a part of, 8 year old Atticus celebrates after scoring against the Timbers. The Make-a-Wish foundation came to the team and said Atticus wish was to get to play again with his teammates. His season was cut short after being diagnosed with cancer. His wish was to scrimmage the Timbers. And they went all out. in fact, 3,000 people came to the stadium. There was a national anthem and chants and it was just amazing. The Green Machine won the match on a goal by Atticus at the buzzer.

Goal celebrations are always my favorite. You never know what is going to happen. Here, Rodney Wallace carries a couple of teammates on his back after scoring in May.

Rodney again, this was fun celebration!

Freddie Piquionne scored 4 goals in one half. This was his celebration on goal #2. Not sure I’ll ever see one guy score 4 goals in a game again.

Happy goal scorers make for a happy photographer too. This one with Futty and Kalif was fantastic.

I am always trying to get a shot of the stadium when the sky looks cool. I go up in the stands for the precious 10-15 minutes of a sunset every time I see it. I always hope that the team will score when the sky looks cool and the smoke and flags will fly. On this day, all the stars aligned and I got my wish.

I shoot tons of photos of Timber Joey. Hard to choose just one favorite, but this one has the Cascadia flag, a fired up Joey and green smoke! What is not to love?

Back to Seattle for a playoff game in early November. Darlington Nagbe hushes the crowd after giving the Timbers the lead. They would go on to beat Seattle in the series and advance to the Western Conference Championship.

For the final game of the season, I wanted to get the fans, the field and the fireworks all in the same frame. So I setup a remote camera behind the Timbers Army and fired it from the position on the field during the pre game. Worked like a charm and is my favorite photo of the entire season. I am always trying to capture on film the atmosphere of a Timbers game and I think this picture does a good job of that.

And finally, one of the last photos I shot was from the final moments of the teams loss in the Western Conference Finals. Head coach Caleb Porter, the MLS Coach of the Year, watches as the Army lets off all the smoke they have. It was an amazing scene as the crowd actually got LOUDER after the loss. PT-FC Chants louder than I have ever heard. It was a very memorable season and I cannot what for the 2014 season to kick off.

Thanks for checking out our favorite Timbers images of 2013. Be sure to check back for the rest of the 13 of 2013 too!