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I love shooting for Barron’s. They give me a lot of freedom to do interesting portraits of what could typically be potentially boring subject. Let’s face it, shooting in a financial office is not exactly knock your socks off exciting even though shooting people in ties is one of my favorite things to photograph (I’m being dead serious!). Anyway, I love shooting the Mutual Funds profiles because they like the image to tell a little bit more about the person in the photo than just a typical portrait. For example, the last one I shot, our subject was an avid tennis player so we shot him on the rooftop tennis court at the MAC in downtown Portland.

So for this image, I first set out to find out some more about Guy Pope. It turns out he was a lover of the outdoors and spent a lot of time running in Forest Park in Portland. So I went on a little hike to find a cool spot. I thought shooting him in a suit in the middle of the forest would be a good contrast to the typical office photo, yet still be professional. The hardest part of this shoot was packing all the equipment up the trail. I used a beauty dish on a boom for the main light and a 30 degree grid on the back light to try and mimic the sun that was coming in and out of the trees at the same angle. Here is a behind the scenes shot:
 (Craig Mitchelldyer)

I like how it turned out and am always happy with having a huge photo in the pages of a national magazine.

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  1. 14 of 14 – Our Favorite Portraits | Portland Photographer Blog - Mitchelldyer Photography - Portland Oregon Photographer Craig Mitchelldyer Says:

    […] This image of Guy Pope was shot for Barron’s Magazine, one of my favorite clients. I love shooting for them as they allow a lot of creativity and look for photos that are not your typical images. For this shoot, we trekked into Forest Park with a cart full of lights and I love the way it turned out. […]

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