Clip: LGBTQ Hiv/Std Testing

Earlier this year we worked on a really great project for the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board. We were hired by KAT Communications to shoot a series of portraits of young LGBTQ Native American’s to promote HIV/STD testing. We shot the subjects in the studio over the course of a day and then KAT took it from there and designed the ads and they did a great job. Fabulous local make-up artist Terri Lodge worked with us as well. A total team effort and I think it turned out awesome.

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2 Responses to “Clip: LGBTQ Hiv/Std Testing”

  1. Peter Long Says:

    Given the high incidence of STD in First Nations communities and program or project that cna bring awareness to native populations about the probelm and more specifically, what to do about it is most worthwhile.

    You are to be congratulated on your efforts to bring this problem to the forefront and generate greater awareness.

    Now the key is to be able to influence behaviors and convert knowledge and education into action and personal accountability.

    The importance of adequate distribution and promotion of this knowledge is essential.

    Kudos to all involved!


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    […] The first is from an ad we shot back in January to promote HIV testing among Native Americans. Here is how the ads looked: Clip – LGBTQ Hiv/Std Testing […]

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