Our 12 Favorite Portraits of 2012

Other than Sports and Weddings we shoot a lot of portraits for various sports teams, athletic clubs, law firms, financial companies, construction firms, newspapers and magazines. Another area that is hard to choose my favorites, but here they are – Our 12 Favorite Portraits of 2012.

This photo is a fav more because of the story behind it. Danny Mwanga had just been traded to the Timbers and this was his first day with the team. After training and media interviews and what not at the training facility, we brought him to the stadium to do a photo shoot for the program cover and inside pages. He is a Portland native show we wanted to shoot him with the skyline in the background. The best place to do that at Jeld-Wen Field is on the roof. So, the first time I talked to him was to say “Hi Danny, I’m Craig, nice to meet you…you’re not afraid of heights are you?” Then we climbed up on the roof and shot this image.

This photo is of my 4 year old son Carter. Ok ok, its not a client photo, but man I love this kid. He cracks me up. This is him standing in for a test photo when I was setting up at the studio. It’s now on the wall at my house.

One of my clients is the Washington Dental Association. They put out a glossy magazine once a quarter or so and brought me up to Seattle to shoot the Dean of Dentistry at the University of Washington. I needed 4-5 different images of him so I found a location near Red Square with a lot of different options for shooting a lot of different looks without having to move too much equipment. This image was one of my favorite from the shoot.

This is an image I shot for the Milwaukie High School Wrestling team. I wanted a dingy, dirty, gritty look to the portrait and shot in the practice room.

These images are both of lawyers, but shot for different uses. The one on the left was shot for the law office in Seattle for use on the website and the image on the right was shot for Super Lawyers magazine. I shot this image with the cover in mind, but the ended up using a different photo.

These images were portrait sessions for website usage, I like them for the simplicity of the lighting and the look of the subject.

The image on the left is another one shot for the Timbers. I shot Hanyer Mosquera in the locker room and we wanted him to look sweaty. He speaks very little english and I speak even less spanish so it was a little funny when I was trying to tell him I was going to spray him down with water. The image on the right was shot for Oregon Athletic Clubs. We spent 3 days shooting in all 3 clubs in the area for their new brochures and website.

This image was shot for the USA Today. A money section story about a local company that builds ships for export to China.

I shot this image of a local realtor for OutFront Magazine in a cool penthouse condo near downtown Portland.


Ok, so I know this blog is called 12 of 2012, but I wanted to include one last image that didn’t really fit into the other categories. In the fall, I was given what may have been my favorite assignment of the year. I was sent to a windmill farm in Eastern Washington to shoot a bunch of photos of windmills. Now, this is not something I ever do, but it was very fun. The only thing I had to do was drive around by myself for 2 days waiting for good light and making pretty pictures. I was a great change of pace and I shot some images I like and learned a lot of wind power.

Well, that’s it for my 12 of 2012. It was a great year for me personally and professionally. We traveled all over the place, made some nice pictures and met a lot of great people and new clients along the way. I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store.

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