Our 12 Favorite Wedding Photos of 2012

2012 was such a great year. Liz and I shot a ton of great events and were lucky enough to travel all over the country (and Canada!) for our clients. I shot over 160,000 photo this year. Wow, that is a huge number and that doesn’t even include the more than 5,000 I shot on my iPhone! It is always tough to narrow down our favorites from the year, but here are our favorite weddings images from 2012:

True moments are the thing I love most about wedding photography. You can’t plan for or pose a true moment. This is my favorite moment of the year. From Tony and Lindsay’s wedding on the Willamette River in June. Lindsay and her Dad as they walked down the aisle.

I also love a good, dramatic portrait. Kara and Gary’s wedding in Estacada was not your typical affair. It was a fantasy themed event and this portrait we shot in the woods is one of my all time favorites.

I had never been to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, but wow what an amazing place. It was pouring down rain all day, but after the ceremony the sky was the perfect blue color and the Palace was lit up. I shot this image while laying on my back looking straight up into the rotunda as Eugene and Annie posed for one of the more dramatic portraits I shot this year.

Who doesn’t love a sunset on the beach? Kim and Nick’s wedding on Cannon Beach was perfect. It was July 22, but the weather had been horrible. But the weather gods were smiling down that day as the beach was perfect temperatures and gave us a great sunset.

This moment from Jeff and Maggie’s wedding was another one of my favorites. Just as Maggie’s Dad was walking her down the aisle, the sun came out and they took one step through the little shaft of light on the way into the church. As a photographer, we have to always be ready for these moments that only last a fraction of a second. Also, being a guy, I don’t usually get all into dresses and such, but her dress was probably my favorite of the year. I loved it.

Brittany and Nick’s wedding was another we shot down in San Francisco this summer. They had their ceremony at City Hall. However, San Francisco City Hall is not just any city hall. It is one of the grandest buildings in the city and a great place for a ceremony. I wanted to show the uniqueness of the location and did so with a pole cam hanging over the ledge and fired with a remote.

It was the hottest day of the year on August 4, but that didn’t stop Ryan and Heather from venturing all over Hood River County, including this Lavender Farm near Hood River. What I didn’t know about Lavendar, was that the bee’s LOVE it. Those specs in the picture, those are bees. Thousands of bees. It’s a bit of a scary sound all the humming coming from the fields, but they braved the buzz for a nice picture.

Another fun moment from Tony and Lindsay’s wedding. Her dad gave a great toast.

A fun dance photo from John and Nicole’s wedding at the Portland Racquet Club.

The Grand Lodge in Forest Grove was the perfect destination wedding location for Pam and Brent who traveled here from New Mexico for their big day. The huge trees framed them perfectly during the ceremony.

A great way to end a wedding…and this list…a bonfire on the beach with your friends. This is one of those pictures where everything just lined up with the light and the fire and the clouds and the people, sometimes its just being in the right place at the right time that makes the photo.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my favorite wedding photos from 2012. Looking forward to a great 2013! Stay tuned to this blog for my favorite portraits and sports images of the year next week!

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