Football Weekend

Last weekend was all about Oregon sports. This weekend was all about football. Saturday I was assigned to shoot the Boise St./Fresno St. game in Boise, ID. Boise St. of course is famous for it’s blue turf. I hoped a short flight from Portland in the morning and grabbed some breakfast before heading to the stadium. This is my second trip to Boise and I like the place. Great atmosphere, cool vibe and a super nice little city. And, both times I have shot there, the light has been fantastic. A photographers dream. I do find it rather odd that everyone talks about and refers to the turf as if it were a person. Everyone calls it “The Blue”. As in “The Blue looks good today.” “Don’t stand on the The Blue.” “No photographers on the The Blue.” They even have a display at the airport with a patch of turf people can take a photo with. “Take a picture with The Blue!” The Blue is like some sacred god they way people there talk about it. It’s a little weird.

After the Boise St. game I headed back to the airport and flew to Seattle to shoot the Seahawks/Patriots game on Sunday. I was not as lucky with the weather and the light today as it rained cats and dogs the entire game. But, the Seahawks prevailed with a touchdown in the final minute of the game. Once the game was over I headed back to Sea-Tac and hoped onto the short flight home just in time to tuck my kids into bed. Long but fun weekend! Next week: Vancouver BC with the Timbers. Should be a blast!

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