Clip: Response Magazine

A few weeks back, I was assigned to photograph portraits of the CEO of Spyder, Ryan Campbell, while they were shooting an infomercial here in Portland. It was a lot of fun being on a TV commercial set like that. Liz and I arrived early to get a feel for what was going on and figure out what we were going to shoot. Once I saw the set I knew that would be my backdrop. We sat around and watched while they filmed whatever segment they were working on at the time and then once they broke for lunch, we took over the set and shot Ryan. Since the area was all lit up perfectly, I just moved some of the TV lights around and shot the cover photo with those.

For the inside spread, I new I wanted to show the entire set, so I set him up on a director’s chair just off set and lit him with one large softbox. Since the TV lights are Tungsten, I gelled the light with a full and 1/4 CTO to match the lights in the background. I love they way they used it in print. Doubletrucks are my fav.

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