2012 Wedding Season – Out with a Bang!

Last weekend we photographed the final two weddings of the summer (we have a few more later this winter). And what a way to go out. It has been a really great season of weddings for us. All of our events were fantastic and a joy to photograph. We created a lot of memorable images for our brides and grooms and caught a lot of great moments on “film”. Saturday, we headed to the forest outside of Estacada to shoot Kara and Gary’s fantasy/Fairytale wedding. And it did not disappoint. about 80% of the 250+ guest wore costumes. There were swords, and dogs dressed up and just a lot of fun. Above are a few of our favorites.

On Sunday, we headed out to Edgefield in Troutdale for Katie and Buddy’s wedding. Katie has the best smile and it was so fun to shoot her and show their happiness. (I know, sounds sappy, but seriously, look at that smile!). A 5pm ceremony time gave us some really nice light to work with. Happy couple and good light equals very happy photographer! Can’t wait until the 2013 Wedding season!

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  1. Amanda Webber Says:

    lol. I love the guy dressed as Shrek. I think I might have offered to do that wedding for free. Must have been a hoot.

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