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A few weeks ago, I photographed a range of assignments for Super Lawyers magazine. I love shooting environmental portraits of lawyers and I love working for this magazine. One of the assignments I was given was to shoot Robert Weaver of Garvey, Schubert, Barer for the cover of the Oregon edition. Here is the image the used on the cover.

Here is how the opening spread looked. We shot him in a couple different places around the office and the images they used were shot up on the 4th floor terrace of his building. I was a little disappointed they didn’t use my favorite image from the shoot as the cover. While looking for a spot to take his photo, I noticed a cool pattern in the floor of the lobby of the building, light wood and dark wood mixing, etc. I thought the graphical elements would make a different cover than what they usually run, so I shot this photo:

I thought it’d be perfect. The mast head would fit perfectly up top, the story headlines and teasers could go in the lighter wood space. In my head it was going to be cool. Nice and clean, leading lines, etc. I generally don’t ever get too excited about an image, but for some reason I just really thought this would be cool. I guess I was wrong! This image (and other similar photos from the same setup) never saw print. Oh well. That’s how it goes sometimes.

I also photographed Judy Synder in her downtown Portland office and here is how that spread looked in print.

Other than the editorial photos, I also shot a few of the ads from various law firms around the city. Again, I love working with thee guys and can’t wait until next year to do it again!

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2 Responses to “Clip: Super Lawyers”

  1. Dawn Baker Says:

    Totally agree with your thoughts on the cover photo! Along with just being more interesting – I think his face and smile are much nicer on the overhead shot. He looks a little weird in the cover shot – kind of quirky half smile and squinty eyes. (Sigh). Even the opening spread photo is better than the cover one they used.

  2. Craig Mitchelldyer Says:

    Yeah I totally agree.

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