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A few days ago I went up to Seattle to shoot corporate portraits for a law firm with offices in Portland, Orange County and Seattle. I am a big believer in having great photos with consistency on a website. It just looks much better. All of the partners were in Seattle which made it the perfect time to shoot. As with any outdoor photo shoot in the Pacific Northwest, weather was a factor. While scouting locations the morning of the shoot, it was nice and sunny. But I needed to find a spot with cover as well for when (not if) it started to rain. I found this spot at the building right next door to their Union Square offices. Outside, yet still perfectly dry. Sure enough as soon as everyone came over, it started raining. But having a good plan in place worked out great. I had to sweet talk building security for a few minutes after we setup and the attorney’s arrived on set and they starting freaking out, but it all worked out in the end. Here are a few of the images. They are going to look great on their website.

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4 Responses to “Corporate Portraits”

  1. Roy Says:

    So did you use totally natural light, or some softboxes/umbrellas? Thanks.

  2. Craig Mitchelldyer Says:

    Hey Roy,

    it is shot with mostly available light and 1 large soft box.

  3. David Rothstein Says:

    I like the concept. The photos don’t look contrived but still convey professionalism. Are the concept and location your idea?

  4. Craig Mitchelldyer Says:

    The firm provided me with mood boards for thier new website, so then I scouted locations near thier office that would go well with the new website, which has lots of modern and clean lines and nuetral colors. While walking around I found this location in a building across the street. It took some schmoozing of the security people to allow me to setup and shoot there, but worked out great.

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