A couple of recent clips

Here are a couple of recent magazine clips. The first (above) is from this month’s issue of Oregon Business. It was a fun shoot for sure. Not everyday you get paid to go snowboarding in the middle of summer! While its a huge pain to bring cameras and lighting gear up the mountain, it was a fun gig for sure. What I like about the layout is the photo in the upper left corner. I actually shot that image with my iPhone right after I got off the lift. It’s my favorite image from the shoot. Also the first time I’ve had an iPhone photo published. Just goes to show that its not the camera that matters! Also check out the slideshow on the Oregon Business website for more photos.

Here is another clip from this months Agent Sales Journal magazine. Sorry for the poor quality repro here, check out the article online for a better version. I love shooting for magazines, it is by far my favorite type of assignment.

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