Timbers win vs Chivas USA

Last week the Portland Timbers played host to Chivas USA at JELD-WEN Field. The 8pm start time and passing thunderstorms was just the combo I had been waiting for all season. I really wanted a cool sunset photo showing the stadium with action on the field. Up to this point the stars had not aligned…either it was pouring rain, or the sky had no texture, or the game was not being played when the sky looked good, etc. But last week, everything worked out and I shot this photo. I am going to keep working on this though, because what I really want, is the crowd going crazy at the same time!

The Timbers won the game 1-0 off Eric Brunner’s header. I love it when Eric scores, he tends to go absolutely crazy and it makes great photos, so thanks Eric! You can view the rest of the photos from the game from myself and my great team of interns on the team Facebook page. Enjoy!

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