I wanted to shoot some interesting running photos for my portfolio. So yesterday I headed off to the Nike Employee Store and loaded up on running gear. My awesome make-up artist friend Nicole Wagner is an avid runner and brought a couple of her running partners to the shoot too. I define my style as “real and dramatic” and wanted to set that tone by using real runners as my models. Here are some of my favorite photos. Let me know what you think!

We shot them outside of the Hillsboro library. There is a really cool tunnel that goes under the main road that made for a great background. Towards the end of the shoot the sun came through the trees and looked awesome. So we packed the lights away and just shot available light. Funny how that works sometimes, the simplest light is oftentimes the best light.

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9 Responses to “Running”

  1. Harmony Says:

    These are my ladies! I love these pics! Amazing photography.

  2. Yasmin Khajavi Says:

    Love them! Awesome models and lighting!!

  3. Craig Mitchelldyer Says:


  4. Martha Says:

    Awesome photos, Amanda. What is your portfolio working towards?

  5. Michelle McPeters Says:

    So gorgeous! Great job capturing them. They look amazing!

  6. Paulette House Says:

    These are great! My absolute favorite is the female profile runner where the lighting shows off her ab muscles. Ripped!

  7. Shirley Lund Says:

    You’ve really captured the determination these athletes have to win!

  8. Barborka @BarborkaOnTheRun Says:

    OMG, I came here through Amanda’s site (Runninghood) and these are awesome. Being runner and aspiring amateur photographer I am bit jealous of you being on the other side of the ocean. What is great that one can see and feel these are actual real life runners and not the models so often taken for promo shots … Great job!

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