Will You Marry Me?

I have shot close to 400 weddings in my career, but never before have I shot an actual proposal. So when Timbers midfielder Darlington Nagbe called me up and asked me to be part of his elaborate plan to propose to his long time girlfriend Felicia, I was excited. And an elaborate plan it was! With the help of teammate Freddie Braun, he found the perfect location up at Council Crest. They setup a ton of flowers and had planned it all out to be just perfect. Freddie and I hid behind some trees in the park while Darlington brought her up. It was nerve racking sitting back there knowing what was about to go down and waiting for the big moment! Brought back memories of when I proposed to Jenn over a decade ago! I can only imagine how nervous he was!

She had no idea and was totally surprised. Then Freddie and I came out of hiding while she was still in shock and she began to realize this trip to Council Crest – D told her it was for a team BBQ – was just for her. Pretty cool. Congrats guys!

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7 Responses to “Will You Marry Me?”

  1. Jim Bryant Says:

    What a moment and super captures!!!!!

  2. Lisa Says:

    What a great story to be a part of and amazing photos for them to remember their special moment.

  3. Carrie S Says:

    How sweet! Great shots!

  4. Ryan Says:

    Great shots, Craig. Even the covert ones from a distance are quality. You’ve got a real future as a paparazzo! ;)

  5. Lisa Marie Says:

    Such an amazing story and so sweet of him to think to capture that special moment so that they had it.

  6. Cindy Rosen Says:

    What a cool guy to put that much thought into that proposal. And so smart of him to realize how important life is and to capture special moments like this to share down the road with family, friends and future little soccer kids. Gorgeous couple, too!

  7. felix greenyer Says:

    Wow! great shots!

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