Upcoming Workshops/Presentations

I get a lot of emails from people wondering when the next time I will give a presentation or workshop. So I am happy to announce a couple of things I am working on/will be doing this year.

I will be giving my “Lighting Made Easy” presentation on July 18 at the Professional Photographers of Oregon Summer School in Portland; at the National Press Photographers Business Blitz August 11 in Denver, September 29 in St. Louis, October 7 in San Jose and November 10 in Tampa; and on November 3 for the Portland ASMP Chapter.

The NPPA event will also include a bunch of other great speakers such as John Harrington, Grover from PhotoShelter and much more all for just $20 for non members. It is an entire day filled with business info and is a can’t miss event. We just completed the first stop in DC last month and it was fantastic.

The AMSP event will be $25 for non members and is a great time to learn about the ASMP and network with some great photographers as well.

The PPO Event is a little more expensive, still cheap at less than $100, but includes registration for the entire convention, which is jam packed with great speakers and info.

I hope to see you soon!

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