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The best quote I’ve ever seen attributed to Twitter was from this really great Time Magazine article, “….is that it makes a terrible first impression.” This is so true. At first you think, what the heck is this and why the heck do I need it? I thought the very same thing. But I have come to love Twitter and what I call “the power of Twitter”. Once you get onboard, it really is amazing what can be done, what can be found, how fast the information super highway moves on Twitter, etc, etc. For example, I was stuck in traffic on I-205 and one quick twitter search let me know there was a bad accident 5 miles ahead, in real time so I could get off and find a new route. I have jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon and am now bringing it to this blog as well. You may have noticed the “Twitter Feed” on the side of the blog. This will update my tweets (usually 1-3 or so a day). Sometimes its crap I am sure you will not care about like, “I’m at Denny’s with my kids” or “Just ate a big fat piece of delicious wedding cake”, but sometimes it will be links or information or “twitpics” of stuff that you might find interesting or breaking news, maybe something that is not worthy of an entire blog post, but good info, etc. It is just another way I am trying to keep in touch. If you have not already, follow me or leave me your twitter name in the comments so I can follow you and enjoy this new feature on the blog. PS – be sure to read the Time article. Good stuff.

Also, a couple other housekeeping things:

You will also notice that the images on the site will display even larger than before, up to 1200px wide when you click on them.

The archives have been placed into a drop down menu. I have been running this blog since December of 2004, that is a lot of posts, the months list had just gotten too long!

I also added a calendar so you can click on a specific date if you choose.

A tag cloud. This is mostly for SEO purposes, but you can click on a specific tag and see all the posts relating to that topic.

A “recent comments” link on the right so you can see who and what posts are getting comments.

And finally, the “Email this post” button is now functional again. It was disabled after updating wordpress to version 2.7 and has now been fixed. Feel free to use that function or the “Share This” function at the bottom of all the posts to email, facebook, twitter, linked in, etc, etc, any post you find interesting.

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