Jordyn at Disneyland

Jordyn and Minnie Mouse at Disney

Jordyn and Minnie Mouse at Disney

So I decided to take my family on an impromptu trip down to Disneyland on Monday and Tuesday. Things have been crazy busy and with wedding season in full swing its only going to get busier, so I wanted to do something fun with the kiddo’s while I still had a day or two in the calendar. It was pretty fun. We spent 13 hours in the magic kingdom. The best money spent was the $60 some odd bucks to have breakfast with the characters. 8 or 9 of em roamed the restaurant and came to your table, pretty fun for the kids. Jordyn was super excited to see Minnie Mouse, Carter cried whenever one got too close to him, but liked them from a safe distance. Jor was finally tall enough to ride the fun rides. She liked Splash Mountain the best. We rode that sucker 6 times. Tuesday we went with my Aunt Kelly to Laguna Beach area to scout some locations for a shoot I have there in a couple weeks and to hang out on the beach, it was pretty fun. You may notice the photo is not all that great, well, it’s an iPhone photo. some photographer I am. We went to Disneyland and I didn’t even bring a camera, no point and shoot, nothing. Just my phone. Oops.

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  1. kev Says:


  2. Lou Says:

    No camera? Sometimes you have to do things like this without one by taking a “mental health” day with the kids. It was worth it, right?

  3. Mary Says:

    She is so cute. She must really like Minne.

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