Lighting Workshop – Huge Success

This evening I held my first ever workshop and I think it was a huge success. Over 50 people came out. Nicole Wagner came out and not only did the make-up for our fabulous models Lacy and Ngum, but also did a little modeling herself. We talked about how to create dynamic portraits and Pro Photo Supply brought out extra gear for people to use and try out I think folks made some nice pictures. Here are a few images, the images I made during the demos as well as some behind the scenes stuff. Click on an image to view it larger.

Thank you to all who came out. Please FTP your images to the group gallery so everyone can see your work! And thanks to Tom Boyd for the behind the scenes photos, you can see more of those, here.

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12 Responses to “Lighting Workshop – Huge Success”

  1. Thomas Boyd Says:

    Nice work Craig! You’ll have to charge a fee next time!

  2. Jenni Carmon Says:

    Thank you so much Craig! I had a wonderful time, you were great!

  3. David Barss Says:

    Hey Craig, Nice Shots and thanks for the workshop that was very kind of you and those that contributed to do all that at no charge.

  4. Jon Combs Says:

    Looks great Craig. Sounds like all had a great time. I’m glad we were able to be involved – lets do more!

  5. Deyla Huss Says:

    Thanks much!! your a rockstar! really enjoyed the workshop!

  6. Pops Says:

    Well done son.

  7. Chris Ryan Says:

    Nice job Craig! Up the ticket price next time, I bet you’ll fill almost as many seats.

  8. Kerri Ann Garfield Says:

    Thank you so much Craig, it was a super workshop-I loved that you set up many
    different lighting scenarios, I left feeling energized. Thanks again…

  9. Jessica Hill Says:

    Craig- thanks so much for donating your time and energy. You got some mad teaching skill, and it’s much appreciated! :)

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  11. Deyla Huss Says:

    blogged the workshop, Ill try and get these on the FTP ASAP. Thanks again Craig!

  12. Lindsey Whittemore Says:

    Hi Craig,
    Will you have another Lighting Workshop in the future?


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