Up vs. Gonzaga, A high ISO test

I had this game on my radar, it was for first place in the WCC, but I completely forgot about it until around 4pm yesterday when my friend Dave changed his Facebook status to “Going to watch UP/Gonzaga tonight!” Oops. Luckily the SID at UP is a cool dude and we are pretty good friends so I called him up and asked if I could get a credential and he was cool enough to hook me up. Thanks Jason! I really wanted to shoot this game mainly to put my 5D Mark II’s through a test. Could they follow focus with sports, especially a fast sport like basketball? I know the high ISO is good, but how good? I’ve only shot this thing RAW, how do the jpg’s look? Would the 3.5 frames per second be a problem? What about using them as remotes? Would the image size be way to big for the wire? So I packed up my stuff and headed off to the bluff. I called up US PRESSWIRE on my way there and told them I’d be sending some images from the game. It did not take long for me to be impressed! The first thing I did was setup the remote. I put it on the base of the basket, the coolest thing about the camera is the ability to use the live view, zoom in and really nail the focus, which on a remote is extremely important. The Chiles Center is a pit, the light there sucks, so it would be a pefect test. I put the remote on ISO 4000 1/500th f3.5 @20mm. Here is an image from that camera:

The next question to be answered was file size. The top image in this post was shot at ISO 3200 1/500th f2.8 with a 70-200. When sending images to the wire, it is ideal to have them sized at 10 inches on the long side, 300dpi. On my 1D Mark IIn, the image came out of the camera at that size, any cropping and you lose some info. This is the original image, straight from the camera:

I was able to crop a horizontal image out of a vertical file and I still had to shrink it a little before sending it. Amazing. And you can barely see any grain in the image. I was not expecting much from the focus, but it actually did a decent job. It missed a few times here and there, but for the most part it kept up. I would also add that I hardly ever used my 70-200 on the old camera because it always looked soft to me, but the images with the 5D/70-200 combo are tack sharp. Overall, this was a nice little test. Once again the camera proved itself in the toughest of situations. I continue to be impressed. Click on any of the images for a larger view. There are some more photos here.

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  1. Robert McNary Says:

    Great shots, Craig. Nice to see that the 5DMKII holds up. It’s great to see your versatility behind the camera.

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